Gifted Coin is a fundraising platform for good. We are champions for individuals experiencing life-changing needs, encouragers for those with a passion for social causes, and promoters of charitable organizations, nonprofits, and ministries.

No. There are absolutely no set-up costs involved. Starting a Gifted Project (fundraiser) is FREE.

It’s pretty easy-peasy. Everything you need to know to create a project or give to one is on our blog’s Crowdfunding Tips page. Before you get started, read through our step-by-step guides. If you still have questions after that, shoot us a message through our contact form. You can so do this!

All things near and dear to your heart! Your Gifted Project can focus on all kinds of charitable causes from emergencies to nonprofits, the arts, sports, trips, and churches, to name a few.

No. Your givers will not be charged any fee on top of their gift. Take a look at Gifted Coin's fee structure here.

Yes. You will add a goal date to your project when you set it up, but as long as your Gifted Project stays active, you can still receive gifts. We recommend using a time frame a bit on the shorter side, typically 7-14 days, to help your givers connect with the importance of your Gifted Project.

Yes. In the spirit of transparency, we need you to be honest and forthright about your true identity. We want to eliminate any doubt about the intentions of our projects and the mission of Gifted Coin so we do need all of our project creators to use their real information.

A lot of awesome projects come in all at once and we review them as fast as we can. Your Gifted Project will go live as soon as it has our team’s stamp of approval. In the meantime, hang tight. You’ll get an email letting you know it’s up and running.

No need to constantly check. You will get an email update with each new gift you receive.

Yay! Time to do virtual cartwheels and celebrate gratitude. Your Gifted Project will continue raising funds and gifts will still be accepted even after you reach your goal. Now’s the time to say thanks! And, if the gifts just keep pouring in, consider using your windfall to help benefit others.

Once your Gifted Project has ended, the money will be deposited directly into the account you added at sign-up via Stripe. Congrats!

Yes. By all means! Gifted Coin was created to work on most technology platforms and is designed to be mobile friendly.

We think every Gifted Project is unique so please talk to your tax professional about your specific situation. That being said, most personal donations on Gifted Coin are simply considered “personal gifts,” which are not considered as taxable income.

We’ve made it super easy to share your Gifted Project through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. And don’t forget about the power of email, texts or even phone calls.

The people who know and love you will be the first ones to support you. Once you’ve shared your goal with them, they will be able to share it with their circles, and it will only grow from there. Who knows, your Gifted Project just might go viral!

Aw, we hope that doesn’t happen. But if it does, you still receive the money that was given. Look for the best way to use what you were given and celebrate gratitude.

First things first, you’ll create a log in with Gifted Coin. Then you’ll click “START CAMPAIGN” from the menu dropdown and after just a few quick steps your fundraiser will be ready to send off to the Happiness Team for review. You can check out our blog for tips and step-by-step guides. Once your project is live, you’ll share it with the world. When your fundraiser reaches its end date, you’ll receive the funds you’ve raised via your Stripe account. Don’t worry—we’re here to help every step of the way!

In your project set-up page, there's a Media tab. This is where you can add a video or photos to your project. For detailed step-by-step instructions, visit our blog’s Crowdfunding Tips page.

Yes. Some folks are behind the scenes kind of people. Givers can choose not to share their identity with the getter.

Yes! We love everyone out to do good and we created Gifted Coin with organizations like yours in mind.

Unfortunately, no. If you receive funds as a nonprofit through your Gifted Project, you will be responsible for issuing any corresponding receipts separately.


During the project creation process, there will be a tab called “Reward Levels” where you’ll be able to set up varying gift levels. For more in-depth instructions, visit our blog’s Crowdfunding Tips page.

If you’re planning to raise funds for a friend or family member through your Gifted Project, awesome! You will follow the usual project setup process and then add that person as a “Team Member” in the “Connections” tab. You can even give them admin access to your project if needed. For more in-depth instructions, visit our blog’s Crowdfunding Tips page.

Together we can change the world.