Gifted Coin is a fundraising platform for good. We are champions for individuals experiencing life-changing needs, encouragers for those with a passion for social causes, and promoters of charitable organizations, nonprofits, and ministries.

It’s pretty easy-peasy. Everything you need to know to create a project or give to one is on our blog’s Crowdfunding Tips page. Before you get started, read through our step-by-step guides. If you still have questions after that, shoot us a message through our contact form. You can so do this!

Great question. Starting a fundraiser is free. Giving to a fundraiser is free also. When you give to a project, no additional fees will be added onto your gift amount.

Yes. In the spirit of transparency, we need you to be honest and forthright about your true identity. We want to eliminate any doubt about the intentions of our projects and the mission of Gifted Coin so we do need all of our project creators to use their real information.

Sí, Oui, Sim, Ja, Ken, and yes… anyone with a heart to help and an internet connection can give to a Gifted Project.

We hope each Gifted Project reaches its goal, but if it doesn’t, your grateful getter will still receive the money that was given.

Unfortunately, no. Once you have given to a Gifted Project, you can’t ask for a refund. Don’t worry though – your gift is out there doing good!

Yes, most definitely. Please see our privacy page.

Yes. By all means! Gifted Coin was created to work on most technology platforms and is designed to be mobile friendly.

If the project you give to is operating under a 501c3, then your donation will be tax deductible and that organization will send you the tax receipt directly.

We think every Gifted Project is unique so please talk to your tax professional about your specific situation. That being said, most personal donations on Gifted Coin are simply considered “personal gifts.”

Yes. Yes, you can remain anonymous with your giving. Sometimes the best blessings come from giving in secret.

I know, right. Where to begin the kindness? We recommend that you give to people you know and believe in, and causes that catch your heart.

Great question. Our team handpicks and vets each Gifted Project and charitable cause. We created and adhere to an internal approval process for reviewing individuals and charitable fundraisers. Gifted Coin is committed to offering truly authentic, worthy needs, hand-in-hand with responsible crowdfunding to our community. That said, we do recommend that you give to getters you personally know or causes that really catch your heart in order to limit any risk.

These are fees charged by an entity other than Gifted Coin, such as our third party payment processor Stripe. Take a look at the Gifted Coin fee structure here.

YWhen you’re logged into your account, you can go to their Gifted Project page and click the “Contact” link under their name.

Together we can change the world.