Our mission is to celebrate gratitude
and inspire generosity in the world.

Gifted Coin is a community that connects you to causes you care about and people with needs waiting to be met. We’re full of stories that deserve to be celebrated and dreams on the verge of coming true. This is a place where gratitude and generosity are equally important, and where miracles happen on a daily basis.

Whether you’re a do-gooder with a heart of gold, or a thankful gift-getter, you’re in the right place. Together we will change lives, one gift at a time.

CELEBRATE Gratitude INSPIRE Generosity

Sissy's Story

It was as a young single mom that Sissy first experienced the power of generosity. During the toughest of times, her church community provided overwhelming support and kindness, and she learned first-hand what it felt like to be grateful. This sparked within her a lifelong desire to help others—to somehow do for others what had been done for her.

As Sissy's professional career and ability to give grew, she sought ways to bless others as she had been blessed. She quickly found that giving, the flip side of getting, was equally exhilarating. But it was a serious car accident and brain injury in 2012 that turned her lifelong passion into a full-time pursuit. Through this life-changing event, Sissy realized it was time to blend her passions and career into one, and Gifted Coin was created.

It's my hope that you'll find inspiration in your own grateful and generous journey by all you encounter here, and that you too will be changed for the good. That you will become more intentional in your everyday living and giving.

Our Advisors

Elias Janetis

Founder + CEO at Squeeze,
Founder and Former CEO of MobileHelp
Innovative Serial Entrepreneur + Radical Risk Taker

Harley Storrings

Attorney at Law and Founding Attorney at Storrings Law
Gifted Advocate for Justice + Legal-Minded Fellow “Do-Gooder”

Dusty Rhodes

NPO Consultant + Former CDO for WAY-FM
Fierce Fundraising Fanatic + Inspired Change Agent

Brent Campbell

COO at Squeeze and Former COO of Hard Rock Energy Drink
Goal Motivated Maverick + Official Optimizer of Processes

Amanda Forman

Programs Director, NCF South Florida
Creative Curriculum Curator + Cause Minded Believer

Brett Malden

Chief Elevator at LV8 Labs
Creative Technologist + Digital Native
Innovative Designer + Seeker of All Things Good

Federico Halperin

Founder & CEO at Kubikware
Hardcore Technologist + Make-It-Happen Enthusiast
Do Good Advocate + Animal Lover

ad·vis·er     -     əd’vizər /     -     noun     -     noun: advisor

A person who gives advice, typically someone who is expert in a particular field.

We can’t sing enough praises for our advisors. Their willingness to be involved with Gifted Coin’s purpose has us both happy and humbled at the same time. By definition the role of an advisor is a selfless act and we are grateful for their willingness to help each of us impact the world for good. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gifted Coin isn’t just another crowdfunding site.
Just like you, we’re out to do good.

Our community lives out the give + get model every day by donating a percentage of money raised to causes you care about. We are the first crowdfunding brand dedicated to inspiring others to pay it forward when closing out accounts. Fellow do-gooders immediately donate 1% from their fundraisers into our Gifted Community Fund where 3 charitable causes are selected each quarter and will benefit from your generosity. It’s just one of the ways we express an attitude of gratitude!

2.9% + 30¢
Give as you get We use your generosity to fund special projects
Goes to
Your Cause

A Message from the Founder


I’m passionate about connecting people to causes they cherish, needs waiting to be met, life missions that can be accomplished, and opportunities to give hope to the hopeless. The Give + Get movement was created out of the grateful and generous journey that I traveled as a result of a life-changing automobile accident in 2012. It’s my hope that Gifted Coin will inspire others in their own grateful and generous journeys.


People matter. And so do the things that are bigger than all of us, like honesty, financial responsibility, generosity, integrity and investment in community... Giving back. Gifted Coin celebrates these values and partners with people just like you—people who share our heartbeat that all men were created equal and are destined for good works.


Gifted Coin is dedicated to inspiring grateful and generous crowdfunding for good. We are champions for people experiencing life-changing needs and encouragers for those with a passion for social good, charitable causes, non profits and ministries. We connect our grateful getters with generous givers. Every person has the power to make a forever difference in the life of someone else. We hope that you'll join us as we do just that, one gifted coin at a time.

A Higher crowdfunding standard

Gifted Coin is...

1. Hand-picked, vetted fundraisers + verified, authenticated needs = Carefully curated and selected for you

2. Original stories + AN OBSESSION TO HELP = Front row seats to everyday miracles

3. Attention to details + boutique offerings = Exceptional quality and service (Our greatest gift to you! Say “hello” to our HAPPINESS TEAM )

4. A reflection of values + SPREADING kindness = The grateful + generous journey

The Essence

We are the first crowdfunding brand to create a socially responsible “Give + Get” model for celebrating gratitude and inspiring generosity. So... If you desire to DO MORE, BE MORE and LOVE OTHERS MORE - Welcome!

Together we can change the world.