Be Seen! Zero fatalities- Bike/Pedestrian Safety Project


Be Seen! Zero fatalities- Bike/Pedestrian Safety Project

Diana Giraldo , Organizer



Our Story

As of the March of 2019, 10 fatalities have involved bicycles and pedestrians with 2 of them children.

ZERO is the only acceptable number of people dying from traffic fatalities!

Education for pedestrian and bicycle safety is at the core of this fundraiser. We need the resources to educate in ways that cover every corner of this community. Through educational workshops, pilot projects, distributing safety materials, and community engagement we hope to reduce traffic fatalities to ZERO!  

The lack of proper infrastructure is a systemic issue that we heavily advocate for and will continue to work on.Evidence shows that Southwest Florida is an exceptionally dangerous place for pedestrians and bicyclist. Florida has been ranked the most dangerous state for pedestrians and bicyclist, with Lee County being one of the main contributors. State data, compiled from 2012 to 2017, indicates the following:

  1. Lee County far and incorporated areas exceed neighboring counties of Collier and Charlotte in bike/ped injuries and fatalities
  2. From 2012 to 2017 non-motorized injuries totaled 2655 and fatalities to 144

Lee County is also a very dangerous place to drive or ride in a car. In an epidemic of roadway mayhem this county has almost three times the number of serious injury or fatal crashes as neighboring Collier County. It is impossible for enforcement alone to break these patterns.

We need a countywide intensive and sustained campaign of re-education and engineering re-design. Best practices, as embodied in robust implementation of Complete Streets principles and strategies, are a proven means of reducing roadway dangers, injuries, and fatalities.

Streets Alive of SWFL is a nonprofit (501 c3) 

“Fostering a livable community through, activities, advocacy, education and service”

Diana Giraldo - President and CEO

Diana has been a resident of Lee County for over 12 years and is also a bicycle crash survivor. Even though the mission to lead this organization came before the crash, Diana's determination to generate change was intensified as a direct result of this experience, and has now become a purpose driven quest for change.

“Individual choices can change an entire community." -  Diana Giraldo

Together we can make a difference!

Your contribution helps Streets Alive achieve our mission to educate, equip, and inspire others to positively influence our community for good. Together we can reduce cycling and pedestrian fatalities and save lives!




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