Be Strong Bullying Prevention Event


Be Strong Bullying Prevention Event

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Our Story

The Campaign: Be Strong has hosted the world's largest bullying prevention events free for attendees and free for schools who tune in via simulcast. Help us raise $25,000 for the Be Strong Documentary Event October 26, 2017.

The Crisis: Every single day, so many of our students encounter hate and abuse at school. Depression, suicide, and not feeling safe are side-effects of school cultures that are in desperate need of change.

Our Mission: The mission of Be Strong is to end bullying. Period. We've put on the world's largest bullying prevention events and have seen a measurable impact in student's lives. We are inspiring a student led movement to end bullying in our schools. 

Our Impact: 

  • Since 2015, Be Strong has reached over 3 million students.
  • Our recent Be Strong event was rated as 9.3 presentation effectiveness on a 10 point scale.
  • Our recent event also led to a 83% positive change in students behavior.
  • The Be Strong free student resource app has a suicide prevention hotline students can call for help and connects them with local organizations they can reach out to. It has been searched for over 130k times.
  • 86% of students identified bullying as a top 5 issue in school.

A note from founder Roy Moore: "The issue of bullying is very important to me and affects my heart because I'm a dad.

Bullying today is not the same as it was when I was a child. Today, it is PERVASIVE. Our children struggle with this issue every day. WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. This is why I founded Be Strong. Providing a National voice and accountability around this top five social, health, and safety issue. I hope you can join me working to end bullying. Both through donation to our Be Strong event and as well as other bullying prevention initiatives that you may have an opportunity to be a part of."

- Roy Moore