God 1st Hurricane Relief for Irma


God 1st Hurricane Relief for Irma

Jeanne Towne , Organizer



Our Story

Hurricane IRMA Victims, As most of you know the Florida Keys was hit severely! Much worse that the news shows. There are many victems in the Upper Kays as well that are affected! Most Relief Teams are way South and a lot of people are homeless or severely Flooded in Key Largo, Tavienier, Islamorada and Upper Matacumbe. This is where our focus will be. This is a Mission Field, We are putting "sneakers on the ground" and will be Praying with most people as they are crying out for prayer. We will assist with some yard work, cutting trees off buildings and roofs, raking and cleaning out houses as well. Many homes were flooded where we are going, Therefore we will be dragging out wet carpet, furniture, appliances and other household goods that are ruined! Some of the folks are elderly and can not get around easly, and we will offer to pick up perscriptions, food, water, animal food, walk their dogs, etc. Anywhere we are needed that we can accomidate.

My Parents lived in the Key's and I was raised on thw Water, Thats why I'm a fish head! I have always loved the Key's and hope to reside there one day. My Church, the Pastor and his wife whom I adore, live in the Key's. That is my Real Church Home! The Key's People are fun loving and friendly. Sometimes easly distracted from Church and our Lord. We are suppose to put God First, however we all get to busy for our own good sometimes. I would like to make a difference by sharing my testimony and sharing the gospel,shining the Love of Christ All over the Key's! 2 Cronicles 7:14 "If my people who are called by My Name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and I will forgive their sin, and HEAL THEIR LAND. This is a time of Greater need that I have ever witnessed in the Key's and a lot of people have lost their homes or they are not in livable condition. I would like to share this heart of God with as many people as possible. We are living in days of uncertainty and even one who does not have a personal relationship with the Lord sees this. There is too much Hate, Division, Jealousy, greed and all the fruits of the flesh. It's time to make a Stand and live for Gods Glory! After all, that is what we were created for! 

The money donated will be used as Follows:

Most of our tools, wheel barrows, Chain saws, etc are donated, we need another trailor for equiptment that we can lock up and haul from house to house. We purchase Bags, Rakes, Chains for our saws, Brooms, Misqueto repellant, Mold Masks, Gloves, Team Shirts, food, lodging, gas, for vehicles and equiptmentg and other needed equiptment and tools. We will also be purchasing needed items for the victems such as, Bibles, cat and dog food, Misqueto repellant. Kitty Litter, Paper towels, mold masks, tarps for leaky roofs, etc.There is a lot of contamination from the salt water mold. We will be purchasing the proper protective wear for the volunteers and possibly some homeowners as well. 

The money will be used 100% for the victim's!  Hurricane Relief God 1st is a 501c3 nonprofit.

Thank you, God Bless You!