Help Enock Jean recover from Hurricane Dorian Damage to Bahamas


Help Enock Jean recover from Hurricane Dorian Damage to Bahamas

Mark Harrison , Organizer



Our Story

Our adopted son's brother Enock Jean and his family have just experienced one of the worst nightmares we can imagine.  Cat 5 Hurricane destroying their home, work places and community.  They have gone thru things we can’t imagine.  Hurricane force winds, building falling apart around them, flooding – sharks in the water as well as bodies of those who didn’t make it, roofs being torn off buildings, no place to live and only the clothes on their backs.  

My wife and I have run 501-C3 nonprofits for the last 20 years. (kindly click the link to learn more about our mission at )  We actually met Enock Jean through our nonprofit and we adopted his brothers Fabio and Michelson. He was one of the first group of kids we had and he quickly became like a family member to us.

The monies collected will help us to send a team from our nonprofit organization to help Enock Jean, his family and community of Freeport. We will purchase supplies like food and water, help them clean up, and supply basic needs as they recover and rebuild. We will pay for travel to and from the Bahamas and bring any needed medical supplies,  construction materials, and/or items as needed.  (flashlights, candles, bug spray, sun tan location, tents, stoves, generators) 

Help us help others in their time of need.  We are firm believers in investing in the lives of others and being able to make a positive impact after a devastation llke this is a mission we accept. Thank you in advance for any gift you can offer to help us reach our goal.

Please note that all donations are tax deductible and you will get a receipt for your gift.


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126 day(s) ago

Good evening everyone.  It's been 7 days since I have been in touch with Enock.  He last told us he was going to try and get off the island.  I will keep you posted as we find out how to best help his needs in starting over.

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133 day(s) ago

9/6/2019  Unable to reach Enoch today.

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133 day(s) ago

9/5/2019  Update: Spoke to Enock today and he said there isn't much food and there is no access to money for what food is there. He was able to receive a Western Union somehow to get snacks, which is pretty much all that is available. There is no access to banks or money in their personal account because there is no power or buildings like banks functioning. No help has come to his area yet and he explained again that there are many dead bodies there. He is having a tough time. He is with friends and they are sticking together to get through and he was supposed to go to work tonight at 11, but was feeling very discouraged to go. The loss is great. His phone is at 12%, so he is limiting contact to conserve as much as he can.



posted a Comment On September 06, 2019

Thank God Enoch was able to help others to survive.