Help Raise Funds for a Traveling RV Ministry


Help Raise Funds for a Traveling RV Ministry

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Our Story

Itinerant Church exists to reach all "unchurched" people at RV parks, campsites, beaches and sporting events. In our minds and hearts we know that we should not sit still waiting for people to come to church. We must "GO", just like Jesus asked us to … GO out there to spread the Good News and make disciples of all nations. Jesus had a pattern of "GOING" versus a "waiting to come" approach. He did go everywhere to everyone. He walked, got into a boat, hopped on a donkey and if He had an RV at the time He would have probably used that too. In the past 2 years we rented and borrowed RV's for multiple trips to different places "Bringing Jesus to People and People to Jesus". We have also been in a state park in Fort Lauderdale 58 times sharing the gospel, praying for and with people and giving away bibles.

Itinerant Church has been in my heart and mind since late 80's. I have long ago realized that there is a tremendous need to create an environment that fosters on people’s hearts a disposition to listen and to receive what Jesus has for them.

In early 2012, as I was lying in bed one night a word came strongly to mind... ITINERANT... from there a thought... Bringing Jesus to people... The idea was clear and it became the vision of an Itinerant Church that has no walls, with the mission of "Bringing Jesus to people and people to Jesus".

The funds will be used to buy a truck, a “5th Wheel” (RV) and for monthly support. Thank you so much for your donation!