Help Support Self Reliance Clubs That Teach Values to Young Kids


Help Support Self Reliance Clubs That Teach Values to Young Kids

Angeli Chin , Organizer



Our Story

‘We believe that the struggle itself is the instrument through which people get out of poverty’ – Ismael Hernandez, FVI Founder

The Self-Reliance Clubs exist to educate the next generation to understand that they are the champions of their own lives. Through their own initiative, ingenuity, and hard work, they will realize that they have the power to determine the direction of their future.

Self-Reliance Clubs are set up in schools to provide students, including the under-privileged, with the opportunity to work in various entrepreneurship initiatives, learn economics, earn money, and gain self-esteem and a sense of individual freedom. The money earned can then be used to purchase school supplies, equipment, and clothing. Through this initiative we have had over 100 students open a bank account with the money they earned, often times the very first bank account in the family.

Our belief is that society thrives when people become active participants in the building of their own lives and are able to become individually sustainable. The Self-Reliance Clubs are intended to be simple and to fit easily into the school’s activities. There are numerous possibilities for student participants to earn money for supplies by performing meaningful, measureable tasks in their school, such as:

  • Planning and implementing students' ideas to improve their school and/or community
  • Gardening/farming providing produce for poor families
  • School and community cleanup and beautification projects (eg. beach cleanup)
  • Volunteering at the food kitchen for the homeless
  • Support for serving military personnel with care packages to veterans
  • Outreach to nursing homes and memory care centers
  • Volunteering at medical clinic screenings for diabetes and hearing loss
  • Projects involving music, arts and crafts for the enjoyment of others
  • Science projects to learn about the ecosystem and environment
  • Financial literacy
  • Personal health and wellness
  • Recycling/sustainability
  • Micro-finance projects
  • Tutoring younger students or peers
  • Participation in approved work to improve grades

We provide a basis for leadership - servant leadership. Our children, in this generation, making an impact not only in their schools, within the communities but right a home - in the home- showing through their hard work, that anything can be achieved.

Our Institute has experienced great growth in 2016-2017, quadrupling the number of schools hosting Self-Reliance Clubs and soon expanding the clubs to the states of Indiana and Michigan. We want to continue that growth. We have developed a strong curriculum to go along with the clubs to engage and accelerate the learning our students are receiving. Your generous donation will help more children be guided away from dependency and entitlement attitudes towards self-dependency through hard work.