Let's help Convoy of Hope Naples + SWFL for hurricane recovery


Let's help Convoy of Hope Naples + SWFL for hurricane recovery

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Our Story

This project is for Convoy of Hope. A faith based nonprofit organization that bring food, water, supplies and HOPE to those in need after natural disasters. They've helped over 80 million peole throughout the world. They have a 4 star rating from Charity Navigator for their humanitarian efforts and transparent business practices. We are proud to be partnering wtih them to help our local SWFL community who have been impacted by hurricane Irma and they are in town now to help!

Our Gifted Coin team is personally impacted by Hurricane Irma. We ourselves had to take refuge out of state and another team member has damage and will be unable to live in their new condo. We also live and work in Naples. We are heartbroken over the devastation we're seeing and we want to be a part of the efforts to rebuild areas like Marco Island, Goodland, Everglades City, Immokalee among other areas, and even helping our own local hot spots in town recover. 

This money will directly impact our community.  Convoy of Hope partners with local businesses, churches and organizations to help us in the recovery process.  Many of us have merely been inconvenienced, but others have lost EVERYTHING they own.  Let us be a people that are moved beyond gratefulness to compassion and action to help.  

Thank you in advance for your gift!  Let's help others + do good.