Rehabbing the home of Servant leader, Jeanie Turner


Rehabbing the home of Servant leader, Jeanie Turner




Our Story

My friend Jeanie Turner runs a ministry in Fort Myers and her own home has been ruined by Irma.  She needs a new Kitchen, bath room and all new flooring as sub floor and walls are rotting from moisture.  All items in home must be removed for the rehab and all debris carried away.  She does so much for our community, its time to return the favor!

Jeanie's Ministry: One Way Out, is a nonprofit.  She works tirelessly for others and she cannot utilize donations from the ministry for her own personal use, and unfortunately the insurance company found a way to deny her homeowners insurance claim so her cozy little home needs some Big LOVE.  She has helped soooo many young women and led many people to faith in Christ.  Lets give back to her in her own hour of need.

We  will use 100% of the donated funds to remove the personal belongings from the home, secure them in a POD, remove all tile throughout the home, remove the sub floor and any remaining damaged drywall, cart away the debris, Assess any damage to underlying beams, replace, repair beams, sub floor, drywall, lay and grout purchased tile, drywall and baseboards, Seal tile, and paint drywall and trim boards on all walls. 

Individuals and businesses in the commmunity have already stepped forward and DONATED her cabinets in kitchen and bathroom, as well as recoated her roof to fix future leaks. We are still working on counter tops, and labor to ensure that the above repairs are well done.  If we raise additional money than what is needed after donations, then that money will go directly to One Way Out Ministry, but this is a very modest total for the work involved.



posted a Comment On October 03, 2017

Great news! The insurance company is paying some of her claims! We are reducing the amount needed. God is so Good! Thank you for your support!